Sam wriggled between the wall and the angel, trying to find more space to manouvre… Gabriels body leaning forward wasn’t aiding in his current task.  Grabbing the angel by the shoulder he turned him shoved him against the wall, he might not have angelic powers enough to make the very earth tremble, but damnit, if he was going to do this he was going to do it properly.

Gabriel looked unnaturally dishevelled, flushed and a bit spaced out… and to be completely honest, totally hot.  Sam moaned at the sight, dipping his head and biting along the angels jaw.  His hand still stroking firmly sped pace at the angels request, and he moved the other to join it, holding tightly to the base of Gabriels cock while the other provided whatever motion elicited the best reaction….

Gabriel wasn’t sure if he preferred having Sam against the wall or Sam having him against the wall. Either way, Sam was the most stunning creature Gabriel had ever seen, stirring something deep and animalistic inside him. The wall was bruising his shoulderblades, especially since he was arching against it in pleasure from every other stroke of Sam’s hand. But then Sam did something absolutely un-fucking-believable with his wrist and without thinking Gabriel pressed his teeth against Sam’s collarbone, biting down hard.

He tasted blood. That… that was definitely going to leave a mark. The thought of Sam carrying a reminder of Gabriel on his body sent a visceral thrill through the archangel, pushing him over the edge. He came with a shout, Sam’s name mixing with garbled Enochian on his lips.

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